Heddon (2008) explains that “during traumatic events, subjectivity becomes annihilated; the subject disappears or becomes an object – powerless, lacking agency and, in the most brutal of examples, less than human”.


2000 – 2012 looks into a autobiographical matter of Kyriakos, his 12-year service at the Greek Navy as a deck officer, 12 years of being in the passive state of been commanded and obeying, followed by his resignation.

We embraced the act of body casting and motionlessness, the idea of retaining potential energy, as a reference to Kiriakos’s mental passiveness during that period in the army. As physics teaches us, a spring’s potential energy is bigger when it is compressed or stretched, a ball’s potential energy is higher when it is raised above the ground than after the fall towards the Earth. A moment before the initiation of a movement. The spring will be released, the ball will fall. Who makes this decision in our instance?

Dramaturgy – direction: Ioanna Bili
Performance, set design, concept: Kiriakos Tsirigotis
Sound installation: Kiriakos Tsirigotis & Ioanna Bili
Body casting: Monika Blaszczak, Nina Richard

2017 at the Camberwell College of Arts, UAL
2018 at the Blue Elephant Theatre