Underlying the concept as well as the choreographic composition, this piece is an exploration of two seemingly connected data: the combination of “multifunctionality” and “multilateralism” of living in a contemporary society. Inspired by the postmodern aesthetic, the research looks into symmetries, proportional rectangles’ unfolding and their relation to the proportion of the body. Through repetition, accumulation and mathematical sequences the piece explores the concept of intensity in its different manifestations, and it investigates how a sense of it can emerge from a rigorous yet fragile structure.

Performers: Monika Blaszczak, Nina Richard
Sound design: Filippos Raskovic 

photo credits: Drosia Triantaki, Julia Testas, Patricia Auchterlonie 

Presented as part of Recurrence (2017) in Thessaloniki – Greece, and at the APT Gallery (2018), London