Can repetition create a state of loss within which our linear understanding of time be challenged?
What kind of pleasures does repetition make possible?
Can performerly repetition seduce and unsettle?
Can repetition make invisible forces visible?
Can repetition ask the spectator to confront the space between realisation and desire, self-knowledge and self-loss?
Certain types of performance that use repetition in movement, speech,
or structure seem to invite us to go back to them in order to consider
how a state has changed over time, how we have changed
over time, but also how we have changed in relation to repetition.

photo credits: Drosia Triantaki

This workshop laid on 3 concentric sections.

i) theoretical approach  around of the notion and structures of time, intro and chat on important works that used the pattern of serial repetition differently and portrayed allegory, metaphor and metonymy in divergent ways across both sides of the ocean from the late 70s to the early 80s: Café Müller – Pina Bausch, Accumulation with Talking plus Watermotor – Trisha Brown, Rosas Danst Rosas – Anna Teresa De Keersmaeker.
ii) In a safe yet fertile ground, participants were called to listen for their inner sense of repetition and fit it in space-time structures.